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In the spring of 2003, several Indiana SWAT Commanders and tactical officers attended Fourkiller Consulting’s SWAT Commanders course in Kokomo, Indiana. This course was hosted by Captain Larkin Fourkiller of the Kokomo Police Department SWAT Team and featured retired Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team member and National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Board member, Ron McCarthy.

At the conclusion of this training, these Commanders and senior tactical officers decided to establish a professional tactical officers association for the state of Indiana. Over the next few months these future Indiana SWAT Officers Association members contacted various tactical associations throughout the country. With the assistance of these associations, the Indiana SWAT Officers Association was created.

The reasons for the creation of the association were two-fold. First and foremost, was to advance the education and professionalism of law enforcement officers involved in tactical operations through the transfer of ideas and information. Secondly, to further improve the networking of agencies and personnel involved in critical incidents and high risk operations.

The Founding Members of the Indiana SWAT Officers Association are:

Ken Campbell (Boone County SD)     

Larkin Fourkiller (Kokomo PD)

Mark French (Indiana State Police)

Steven Hadley (Indianapolis Metro PD)

Jim Magary (Evansville PD)

Gary Moody (Columbus PD)

Scott Oldham (Bloomington PD)

Robert Stradling (Indianapolis Metro PD)

Dave Strong (Carmel PD)

Dale True (Indianapolis Metro PD)

Jeff Williams (Columbus PD)

Myrick Williams (Bloomington PD)

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